Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hello there, Blogosphere!

So it seems like I've been spending more and more time on Blogger looking at nail and beauty blogs, some of my friends even run their own, so it's only logical that I get in on the shenanigans, right? Right.

Well, because it's just my luck, I managed to completely destroy my left thumb and pointer nails at work not twelve hours after deciding I was going to start a nail etc. blog of my own, so I'm afraid it will be a bit before I can start posting any NOTDs. However! Considering my long, voracious love affair with eyeshadow, you can fully expect some FOTD/EOTDs in the mean time. 

While you're waiting for some actual content, feel free to check out my about me page, oogle my polish collection, and visit my friends Amber and Lindsay to check out their nail blogs, because they're awesome :)


  1. Yay me! I have to give credit to you, though.... My nail polish addiction is 95% your fault!

  2. I'm very curious! I will visit your blog once in a while watching if you placed something!

  3. Thanks Sylvia! I actually caved, and despite how unhappy I am with my nail shape right now, I took photos for a NOTD post XD It'll be up later tonight when I get home from work!

  4. Ah.. your blog name says it all. Nice to see a fellow geek joining the nail blogging ranks. :D